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      ICONA Digital Marketing and Legal Marketing

      We're ICONA, a digital agency offering law firm marketing services to nadian lawyers and boutique firms. Experienced, smart and personable, we like to partner up, working to improve your firm's success by building websites that convert.

      Better business is built on relationships.?

      Our focus on every project is you. For us the project is not the finish line, your continued satisfaction is. So we’ll roll up our sleeves, jump in, and get you to where you want to be.

      Better business is also built on talent, experience, & hard work.

      We’re integrative and iterative, picking just the right mix of talent from our group of senior marketing pros to connect with your firm. Our team know exactly what it takes to create a great site, and won’t rest until they’ve built it.

      The best way to have a friend is to be a friend.

      We've been around for over a dede and have learned a few things along the way. As important as the final work is (and it's really important), the process of getting it to you is just as vital. So we treat our clients like we treat our friends. Expect honesty, patience, and accountability.

      Meet The Team

      Meet The Team

      Our core philosophy is to design lasting value for our clients. Meet our team of senior level professionals who embody that ethos every single day.

      Contact Us

      Have a project? We'd love to hear from you.

      We're nice people who do good work. Fill out our new business request to get started on how we n help your law firm. We have solutions for almost any budget.

      From the Blog


      The Fundamentals of Marketing Law Firms

      The Fundamentals of Marketing Law Firms

      Marketing n be a challenge for anyone, especially lawyers. While you may have learned about the foundations of law in school, business development and marketing strategies are rarely taught.

      The Role of AI in the Ethil Practice of Law

      The Role of AI in the Ethil Practice of Law

      A dede ago, the thought of a robo-lawyer would have seemed unfathomable. While advancements in AI may seem incredible, they will be commonplace very soon.

      Technology Changes in the Legal Profession

      Technology Changes in the Legal Profession

      As officials implemented new coronavirus restrictions, the legal profession had to drop established routines and embrace new technology. AI could signifintly impact the industry's development and transform the practice of law.